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What Does the "Ding" Mean?

Every week or so I post a collage of colored pencil drawings that members of the Beech Tree Studio network have completed, and in the subject line of your email, it says "Ding!"

We can thank Joy Wheeler for that! Years ago....maaaaaaany years ago....Joy was attending colored pencil classes in my home studio, where we sat at long white folding tables and worked under metal extendable lights -We still do, by the way.

It takes weeks to complete a colored pencil project, and because we all get so invested in each other's work, there is a celebratory vibe in the room when one of the artists completes a drawing.

Joy felt it was only appropriate that we make some noise by tapping the hoods of our lamps with our pencils, resulting in a rousing "DING!" across the room.

It still stands....whenever an artist completes a drawing, he/she gets "dinged".

Thanks, Joy!


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