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Learning to Draw

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An accurate drawing is the foundation of any good pencil art piece. Each artist will develop a trained eye to see line, space, and how the strength of lights and darks can construct form.


Basic pencil stroke techniques and the use of a grid will be introduced and practiced, while simultaneously working on a black and white project of the student's choice. 

white on black colored pencil drawing by Dava Dahlgran

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Introduction to Colored Pencils

Through a series of skill-building exercises, artists will learn how to seamlessly blend and build the translucent medium of colored pencil. They will discern which hues must be combined in multiple layers to create a rich and vibrant quality. 

colored pencil by Cathy Linning


The artists of Beech Tree Studio represent a broad range of experience and expertise. Each class may very well consist of accomplished and published artists who sit right alongside those who are exploring colored pencils for the first time.

This makes for a great vibe! Seasoned artists offer wise guidance to beginners, and in turn, they are reminded with fresh eyes the foundational principles of drawing and color-creating.


Almost everyone who is new to colored pencil will be encouraged to work through the “Learning to Draw” curriculum before moving on to “Introduction to Colored Pencil”. It is important to train the eye to see line, space and value as a foundation to developing color pencil skills.


Once these skills are established and application techniques are practiced, new challenges of creating and blending color will be added. Everyone is taught individually within a group setting.


Because each new colored pencil project presents a different set of challenges, there is always something new to learn! An alternative surface, the addition of mixed media, a helpful tool, an experimental technique. Many students return year after year as they develop unique artistic skills for each new project.


Each class is a “mixed bag” of creatives, so every student may choose whichever time slot or location is most convenient for him. There is no “Beginner” class, or “Advanced” class. We’re all together.

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Independent Projects

This is an opportunity for artists with individual projects to receive focused instruction on their choice of subject, surface, and technique. 

Online Classes

This is for the colored pencil artist who already has some experience. Artists will share their project work digitally prior to class, and then be individually coached and encouraged during the group class time.

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Eagle Brook Country Club

2288 Fargo Blvd

Geneva, IL 60134

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