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Founder of Beech Tree Studio

One of the best parts of my job is witnessing the surprise artists experience when they quickly are drawing well beyond their expectations.


Each beginning artist focuses on necessary drawing skills, one at a time, to build a strong understanding of technique, contrast and composition. 


Building on this foundation, the artist is then given the tools to understand color mixing, color pencil blending, and a variety of color pencil techniques.

Many Beech Tree Studio artists already have their own recognized art careers. They find the weekly coaching, teaching and camaraderie to be invaluable, becoming award-winning artists themselves.


These 3 hour classes, I have been told, are the highlight of the week for many colored pencil enthusiasts. Seasoned professional artists are sitting alongside brand new beginners, and the vibe is both energizing and comfortable.


It is my privilege and joy to mentor these artists, and to work with them weekly as they nurture their own artistic style through colored pencil.


26-Grace (6) 4746x3432.jpg


Soft colors drift across the blossoms, nearly turning the petals into clouds.

Honor-1-A Burchett Scan2-9880-001.jpg


Sunlight glows from behind this rose blossom, reserving the deep strong shadows for the newer petals.

The Unveiling 1200 w 2.25.2025.jpg

The Unveiling

Curls of metallic-dusted ribbon cascade across the fragile netting, giving this ancient ritual of marriage a contemporary twist.

Hilly and Seth Final 2019-03-05_164246 - Copy.jpg

The Ring

Love can be layered and complex, but when you're young, it's really quite simple.

Elkhorn Creek

Everything here is calm and uncomplicated, reminding me of front-porch lemonade and barefoot wandering.

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Eagle Brook Golf Club

2288 Fargo Blvd

Geneva, IL 60134

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