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"Eye of the Beholder" show at Water Street Studios is this Friday

I'm delighted to be an exhibiting artist, along with BTS artist Lisa Youngdahl, in the annual garment-related juried show at Batavia's Water Street Studios. This year's theme- "Transparency".

I would love to share this unusual creative experience with you, so get your tickets at, and meet me in Batavia Friday night!

Fashion designer and this year’s curator, Andrea Reynders shares: ““Artists were challenged to clarify and translate what Transparency meant to them and to create a work that is either worn or observed. From garments that capture emotions we cannot readily share, moments that capture chrysalis transformation, to paintings that capture light in transparent layers of color, the work included here bridges the divide between poetic reflection and political comment and from dynamic movement to quietude. The results are both serious and whimsical—an amazing cross section of personal interpretation. From sophisticated couture andhand-crafted assemblages to paintings --all as a response to the idea of Transparency. Come andbe transformed.”

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