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The BEST Pencil Holder!

Barb DeMilio is continually finding "can't-live-without" products for us colored pencil artists!

This foam pencil organizer, by Studio Designs, is her latest. I have seen dozens of ways artists like to keep their "working" pencils available for their current project, but this is one of the best!

Not only do the pencils stay in place, but they stay put IN ORDER. You can line them up or categorize them according to the section of the drawing you are using them for.

The feather weight foam holder has room for 96 pencils, and you can SEE them all- even the stubby ones! No more losing short pencils to the bottom of the jar.....which means less wasted pencils.

No more spinning your pencil jars around on a lazy-Susan- style holder, frustrated that you can't find the color you're looking for.

Up until now I just rested my pencils on a patch of rubberized shelf liner, which kept the pencils from rolling off my drawing table. It was fine, but it only can hold a half-dozen or so pencils before I run out of room.

Happily, Barb noticed my delight in her discovery, and she bought one for me to have for my very own!! (Amazon)

Time to Draw!



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