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Beech Tree Studio Update

My husband and I worshiped this Sunday morning via live stream church service on my iPad. When schools, businesses, restaurants, professional sports and CHURCH buildings temporarily close their doors in the name of safety, it's time to re-evaluate some plans.

As proactive steps accelerate towards stopping the current pandemic,

Beech Tree Studio is joining the larger audience venues and temporarily cancelling classes for the remainder of the Early Spring Session.

My daughter wisely told me "It has to become a big deal

so that it doesn't become a bigger deal."

We are in uncharted territory, and caution prevails. Just think how much time you can spend at your drawing table now that there is no place to go!

Refunds will be issued for this final week of classes. In the meantime, send me photos of what you are working on. "Like" the BTS Facebook page so we can stay in touch there. Share podcasts, tutorials and books that inspire you. Spring clean your art supply closet and experiment with products you bought but never had time to try.

And when we gather together again in April for the Spring Session, we will be full of stories, laughter and a renewed appreciation for our Beech Tree Studio art buddies!

It will be a happy reunion indeed!!