5 Simple Ways You Can Help Special Needs Children Enjoy the Arts

Photo Credit-Pixabay 5 Simple Ways You Can Help Special Needs Children Enjoy the Arts by Lillian Brooks Art can be a wonderful way for children to develop their minds and get creative. For children with learning disabilities and special needs and their parents, art can provide a much-needed relief from stress and tension. If you want to help your child get in touch with their creative side, start with these five tips. Invest in Some Startup Supplies If you want to help your kid get creative, you’ll need to start with a good art kit. Look for items that will make creativity easy for children with special needs. Jumbo markers and large pencils are a good choice for children with learning disab

Don't Miss the Big Picture

There was a discussion last week in an evening class about how important it is to look up from our computer screens, cell phones and yes, our drawing tables. Apparently our eyes need the "practice" of seeing not only what is up close, but also what is far away. I never thought about that. Read more here. Colored pencil in primary colors by Andria Burchett

Here's an Unlikely Art Tool......

I'm surprised how often BTS artists come up with clever ideas to enhance their artwork. Lisa Hjorth confronted the challenge of creating tiny little bird feathers (you know, the ones that cris cross on their backs) with an unlikely tool- an eyelash comb. (@Tweezerman from @Ulta) Lisa drew in a layer of yellow first and then embossed it down with a cris cross motion of this tool. Then she layered in a Veithin black over the top, which just "skipped" right over the yellow color below. Very resourceful, Lisa!!

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