Rugby's Favorite Night of the Week!

For the most part the studio door has to stay shut during class time, as Rugby has an insatiable curiosity for what's inside purses, pockets, and bags. He is a beagle, after all. But on Tuesday nights he is allowed to join us, at least in the beginning. The class is full of dog-lovers and everyone automatically keeps all contents of purses and bags zipped up or placed up on tables. Rugby has learned that there are a couple artists who not only tolerate him, but spoil him with treats. He waits impatiently for them at 6:30 and would be disheartened if he were not allowed to join us temporarily. He sometimes even gets to sleep on a blanket in between a couple artists during class time. S

The Good, The Bad, and the Not So Ugly

My mom used to casually tell me that "some days are better than others" whenever I had a little life crisis. That simple bit of wisdom recognizes that sometimes you just feel lousy, but it's not going to stay that way. Read more here.

A Couple Schedule Changes

Here's the good news....Steve and I will be heading to Cabo San Lucas in May on a company junket. The bad news is that screws up the Early Summer Schedule a bit, as if falls on week three. So.....we are going to have a bit of a break in the middle of the session. So here's how it lays out. Colored pencil by Michiyo Fullerton

Save The Date for the 1st Fox River Ramble

Beech Tree Studio is excited to be a participant in the inaugural Fox River Ramble event coming this spring. On April 21st over 40 studios and artists will be opening their doors to visitors who would like an inside look at the artists at work in their own environment. Beech Tree Studio will host colored pencil artists all day at the Third Street location in Geneva so that guests may see the work in progress. Please plan on stopping by! Click here for more information.

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