And Then There Were Three...

I have hundreds of pencils from a number of manufacturers, but lately I've been limiting myself to just three colors- Process Red, Non-Photo Blue, and Canary Yellow. White and Black control the value of each. Having just finished one last week, I am starting another. And I have the one after that picked out already! Primary Workshop is coming up on Saturday April 14th.

Linda Palmer

Congratulations to Linda Palmer! The Connections Show at the Norris Cultural Arts Center has awarded an Award of Excellence to Linda for her colored pencil drawing of "Entwined".

Lynn Foshee

Lynn Foshee won First Place, People's Choice Award in South Carolina show.

Lenna Hundt

Lenna Hundt's entry into Double Vision competition where artists were pared with photographers and challenged to mimic their work.

Janet Thommas

Janet Thommas won 3rd place at the Villages in Florida Show.


Debra Vacarro brought her high tech fancy-dancy projector to class on Wednesday to demonstrate how easy it helps her transfer her colored pencil project drawings as big as she likes.

Genius Idea!

I love innovative ideas and Jeff Butler has a simple solution for keeping his working pencils easily accessible. Jeff stands his pencils into a coffee can half full of dried rice to keep the palette he's working with readily available without rolling around the table. It has a handle for easy transport, too. Genius! ( I have noticed that Jeff has "downsized" to a smaller coffee can since this picture was taken)

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