An Art Beat Away

Amy Lindenberger is returning to Beech Tree Studio's "An Art Beat Away" Retreat again this fall to teach us pencil artists her approach to working on colored paper. This process will not only provide a unifying element throughout your drawing, but it will cut your work time down significantly! Learn more here.

The Phenomenon of Simultaneous Contrast

OK, look at the difference here. See how the letters in the above title appear much brighter than the same colored words you are reading right now? Because of the strong contrast of the dark background, the bright letters above almost glow. This is one of the tools that Amy Lindenberger uses when teaching her workshop "Colored Pencil on Colored Paper", which is also the title of her new book. Want to bring attention to a certain area in your drawing? Use the concept of Simultaneous Contrast. Read more here.

Amazing Nature

The most glorious creations are those found in nature! So often we don't even notice. Beatriz Swanson grows milkweed, a nutrient for the Monarch butterfly. For several years she has brought into the studio a chrysalis hanging from one of the milkweed branches (easy to miss), and each year we are incredulous of its beauty!

Great Price for Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Thought I'd pass on this great deal that Dick Blick has going on! The 150 set is on sale for $58.54 and with free shipping. For an extra $3 have them shipped faster with Fedex.Save

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