Anne Bernstein

Anne Bernstein discovered Colored Pencil Art in 2013 when she was introduced to that medium at Beech Tree Studio in Geneva, Illinois. Prior to that time, Anne had dabbled in drawing but soon found a true passion under the guidance and discerning eye of Andria Burchett. Enjoying the detail and realistic effect that could be achieved with colored pencils, Anne realized a latent talent.

Ranging from landscapes to portraiture to still life and wildlife, Anne's growing collection of art has been displayed in several local shows in the Geneva and Shorewood areas. She also works on commissioned pieces. Her proudest moments come when the recipients react with personal joy and an appreciation and love for their new piece of art.

Having lived in all regions of the country, Anne brings a wide range of experiences to her art. She has a Masters degree in Education and currently shares her knowledge with students as she teaches Colored Pencil Art and Drawing at her studio in Shorewood, Illinois. Always wanting to learn and grow in her mastery of Colored Pencil artistry, Anne finds gratification in the challenges of learning to use new surfaces and experimenting with different techniques.