Andie Burchett

When I discovered the colored pencil 26 years ago, it was just beginning to gain recognition as a respectable medium. I was a young mom with three small children and one big dog, so it was quite appealing to me that my art supplies would not spill or need to be immediately put away after each use.


For many years, my focus was on portraiture, and I had steady commission work.  My art was technically realistic, and I worked hard to get every feature, value, and texture perfect.


That is no longer my main focus.  The challenge of a new technique, an unusual substrate, or a particular discipline is what intrigues me now. 


Just as the Colored Pencil has "grown up" in the world of fine art, I find that I am also maturing in my creativity.  The appeal of the colored pencil medium for me has evolved over the years from convenience, to technical mastery, to creative experimentation.